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I am Louise O'Driscoll, founder of Natural Balance. I am a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, helping people find their way to a healthy and happy relationship with food and body.

A quote for today

By louiseodriscoll, Nov 12 2014 02:44PM

All too often, the people that ask for my help are overwhelmed with looking after everyone else in their lives, and somehow, their own needs have been forgotten. This quote highlights the importance of remembering to look after yourself too...

“Psychic self-injury is neither heroic nor practical. You cannot say that you have mastered love until you include yourself in its embrace. If you make everyone in your life happy but yourself, you have missed the point of living and loving. Self-honoring is the beginning of true service. When you practice self-nurturing, others around you will catch the energy and you will create a wave of well-being that far supersedes the illusory benefits of self-sacrifice.

Do not do anything to yourself that you would not wish on anyone else. Instead, do everything for yourself that you would do to make others happy ... and the world will be a happier place for everyone.”

~ Alan Cohen ~ A Daily dose of Sanity

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