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I am Louise O'Driscoll, founder of Natural Balance. I am a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, helping people find their way to a healthy and happy relationship with food and body.

By louiseodriscoll, May 21 2014 11:25AM

This article appeared in Women's Health (UK) June edition. It references Eating Psychology as one of the new 'big things' in the weight loss world. It also says it will likely be two years before there are therapists in the UK, but nope, here I am, ready and willing to help! Eating Psychology Coaching isn't just about weight concerns though, it also effectively addresses binge eating, overeating, body image challenges, chronic dieting and various nutrition-related health complaints such as digestive problems, chronic fatigue or mood issues. Here's a bit more info about what is involved in working with me...

During our initial session we will chat about your concerns, how you would like me to help you, your lifestyle, work and family situation. I will also ask you about your diet and approach to health, weight and, if relevant, body image. Our starting point for making changes will typically be in the area of nutrition but I will not be putting you on a diet! We will agree manageable changes together so that we can experiment and find out what effect these have on your general sense of wellbeing or any specific symptoms you may be experiencing. Depending upon your personality and eating habits, these changes may be made in baby steps, or may be more dramatic, but they need to be sustainable if you find they work well for you.

Subsequent sessions involve exploring in the realms of work, family, relationship, stress, whatever could be impacting on your challenges with food and body, whilst continuing to experiment and observe what is going on in terms of your diet and how you feel it is affecting you and how manageable it is. The goal at all times is to help you become happier, healthier, less stressed and more at ease with your body and food - you could say a better version of yourself!

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