What Natural Balance clients say...

"I have more self-confidence than ever before...."

Six months ago I was tired all the time, hated my body and felt like a good day was one where I had managed to unload the dishwasher. I was constantly depriving myself of food but never losing weight and I was isolated and moody as a result. I felt very much as though I was always waiting for my life to start. Since Lou started working with  me, I have begun to feel like a new person, or rather, the person that I want to be. Thanks to Lou's nutritional advice I have much more energy than I can ever remember having, and other physical things have improved that I didn't even realise were a result of my poor approach to food, such as my hair falling out and daily stomach cramps.


Lou encouraged me to focus on living a life that makes me happy and I now have a range of hobbies that help me do that, whereas before I would spend my weekends and time off slumped on the sofa, feeling down and hopeless. As part of the process, Lou helped me talk about and come to terms with events and relationships in the past that had impacted on my self image and sense of self worth in a way that never felt threatening or unmanageable. As a result of the skilful and sensitive way Lou dealt with things, I have more self confidence than ever before, and am learning slowly to accept myself for who I am.


I would recommend Lou to anyone and everyone. I felt at ease from the moment I spoke to her and her friendly, and efficient manner gave me complete confidence in her and I feel as though she has given me the tools to carry on building a happy, healthy life. Kate, 26


"Food has never been the entire focus..."

I started out at over 16 stone, heavily depressed about how I looked and told by the medical team looking after me that I would struggle badly to lose any weight due to my medications...but with Lou's help I have successfully managed to lose weight without ever feeling like I was dieting or that any foods were banned. She has helped me start a healthy eating plan that I can use every day, without any issues over 'bad' foods. During the time I have been working with Lou, I have felt supported, listened to and important. Food has never been the entire focus, Lou has carefully worked on my self esteem and body image, moving me from being very negative about myself to someone who takes pride in how they look and feel. Lou is warm, understanding and works on the body as a whole, not just with what you put in to it. The weight loss is only part of the picture, the work on my body image and self esteem has made a huge difference to my life and the way I feel about myself and also the way I let others treat me.  I couldn't recommend Lou more highly! Cheney, 29

"I feel healthier, more energised and happier in myself..."

I first approached Lou as I was suffering from low mood and extreme tiredness. I am a stay at home mum in my forties, with a 3 year old son and my lack of energy was really getting me down. Lou asked me to detail what I ate and drank and suggested things I could change. The changes were realistic and manageable, and Lou was brilliant at suggesting ways I could make them gradually and fit them in with my lifestyle, with recipe ideas that I could actually cook!


The dietary changes were backed up with weekly telephone sessions with Lou who would review how I felt physically and mentally. She is incredibly supportive and has made me reevaluate how I treat myself, and my attitude towards food. I feel healthier, more energised and happier in myself. I would recommend her to anyone. Sally, 41