What I Do


True health is about much more than just an exercise regime or diet. You don’t achieve it through a quick fix but as a result of consistent positive choices and actions. Along with what we eat and how we move, our health is powerfully affected by our stress levels, relationships, sleep, work, and thought processes. As a health coach I can help you in all of these areas to identify what issues are affecting you most and provide practical help and support to make gradual and sustainable positive changes that you can maintain for life. I won’t promise weight loss (though that is a very common side effect of my coaching) and I won’t be forcing you to do exercise you hate or to adopt a diet that makes you feel deprived. I have seen health coaches described as a nutritionist, personal trainer, chef, therapist and best friend rolled into one and I think that sort of encapsulates it!



How I Work

•I offer coaching in person, over the phone or Skype. We can discuss the method that works best for you


•After a 1.5hr initial session, I offer 45-60 minute follow ups (subject to minimum of 3)


•We can work on a weekly, monthly or every other week basis as required, I can also be available for online/telephone support between sessions if required.